”Jag tycker att jag har blivit en bättre människa sedan jag började utöva yoga”

Möt Niclas Ihrén, yogainstruktör och frilansare på meforyou.se

How long have you been doing yoga?

I have been doing various forms of yoga for 14 years.

How long have you been working as a yoga instructor? 

I started working as a professional yoga instructor four years ago, but even before that I taught friends, until I actually began working with yoga more seriously. 

What is the best thing about teaching yoga to others? 

Yoga is, on the one hand, exercise, like any other physical exercise, but what perhaps distinguishes yoga from many other forms of exercise is that yoga has multiple dimensions. In yoga, you work very actively with the parasympathetic nervous system, which is about creating mindfulness – peace of mind and body. So, yoga is also a meditation technique. 

Then there are many philosophies and spiritualities behind yoga – many dimensions that make it a rich universe to explore. And this I love! I really enjoy practicing yoga with others and being able to share it with them. Being an instructor in yoga is great fun. You meet so many different people, we all have different entrances to yoga, but it does not matter which direction you are coming from, it is just as fun. 

What has been biggest change in your life since starting to practice yoga?

I think I have become a better person since I started practicing yoga. Firstly, I feel fantastically well physically. I feel strong, agile and mobile and that is important throughout my entire lifetime. Complimentary to this, I feel that I have an inner peace, which I can carry within, and which helps me in many situations. Thus, yoga and meditation are very powerful tools that I carry with me constantly. 

How does yoga show in everyday life? Not only physically, but in your entire well-being. 

När vi håller på med yoga så kan man säga att yoga är en form av meditation. Meditation handlar om att släppa taget om sina tankar och känna “jag är inte mina tankar”, att kunna distansera sig lite grann. När jag inte fångas lika mycket av mina tankar får jag även möjlighet att ha ett lugnare och mer betraktande förhållningssätt till dem. Och allt detta bidrar yogan till! 

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Text by Molly Rosenström Näsman, translation by Heta Asikainen


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