We are looking for education partners

What makes one education more valuable than another?

The teacher or instructor, of course, but then, when the learner gets their certificate and goes out into the world of work, guidance is often absent.

Getting work often depends on marketing. Running your own business involves a lot of administration. Both require knowledge inorder to be successful. 

Help your students by offering them a complete solution at meforyou.se. A work platform where they can be visible, receive bookings and payments. Administration, insurance and accounting are included and a taxed salary is paid. 

Add value to your education by partnering with meforyou.se - everyone wins when your students get jobs!

We welcome both small and large providers of knowledge 

meforyou.se is looking for education and training courses that are primarily aimed at individuals who are interested in working independently. Our service is designed to provide opportunities for those who want to work instantaneously. By offering quality education, we want to help those who are looking for a new path to livelihood.

The work platform is designed to offer customers a variety of services. The categories on the platform signal the areas in which we are currently looking for courses and training. Collaborating with qualified educators and being able to offer the possibility for students to start working independently - perhaps already during the education - is a concept that should appeal to many.

For more information and personal contact, please email us: hello@meforyou.se