Our concept simplifies the process of being able to work independently as a private person

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With a unique approach, meforyou simplifies the process for an individual to work sustainably and substantially within services and treatments. All the hassle of starting your own business is replaced by our service with booking and payment functions, administration, book keeping and accounting as well as the security of being insured during working hours.

On the platform, all bookings and transactions are processed and a taxed salary is paid to the provider within 10 days after the service has been completed. All transactions are made on the platform and paid at the time of booking. Bank ID is required upon registration to ensure the identity of both parties. 

Our main categories where you can choose which ones best suit your services

Domestic services
Talk therapy
Other categories

Our service package handles:

Your digital office


Social charges

Salary tax



Bank transaction fees

Fees to card companies



Salary payment


All this service is included in our administrative fee of 15.56%

Without payment there will be no treatment, because the customer pays at the time of booking. The customer is automatically refunded without your involvement if there is a cancellation.

How to use our smart service package

Here you can see your digital office with shop after registration.

Log in with your Bank ID to create your profile and shop. Bank ID is used to ensure the identity of both you and your customers. We want you to feel safe working in different locations.

Fill in all the information on your profile, then you will receive an email from our partner Gigger AB – asking you to approve Swedelance AB as your payroll provider, and to create an account with them to manage your future payments.

Good images and a clear presentation of your service will give you a better chance of attracting new customers. A video presentation of your service can also increase the chances of getting a job. You can upload a video to YouTube, for example, and then use a link.

With us, you get paid like a company. Choose a reasonable hourly rate you want to be paid after tax. Always calculate the amount x 3.6. To get about 150 SEK/hour – calculate 150 x 3.6 = 540 SEK is what you need to take per hour from your customer.

Share your profile on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and via email. Once you have completed your page and described your service in the ” boutique ” use the link from your page and start sharing. This is the easiest way to promote yourself.

Salary within 10 days. Once you have received a booking on the site, you will receive an email and can view the booking in your calendar. The customer has already paid and as soon as you have performed your service, the money goes to accounting and your salary can be paid.

Do you want to collaborate with meforyou.se? Contact us hello@meforyou.se

meforyou.se is run by Swedelance AB in Stockholm