”Jag vill kunna ägna mig åt precis det jag vill”

Möt Maria Sandell, holistisk coach och frilansare på meforyou.se.

What does coaching mean to you?

Coaching to me largely involves activation of the body, so I work a lot with the body and how to include it as a part of my clients’ healing. There are many different elements, including self-reflective conversations, breathing, dancing and movement. Simply put, there are several different entrances to finding healing and getting in touch with oneself and meeting oneself. When visiting me, it’s essentially about linking the mental with the physical, since everything is connected.

What is the best thing about your job?

All the people who I get to meet, who hold within them this incredible amount of self-healing and resources, which is what I help them activate and draw out, but it is in fact already there. Being able to share this with other people is very inspiring for me as well. It becomes a co-creation!

Why have you chosen to be a freelancer at meforyou?

I want to be able to devote myself to exactly what I want, namely what I am good at and what I want to give to others – that is, coaching. I do not want spend time on the other parts, which have to do with paperwork and administration, yet I want someone who takes care of it for me so I can do what I am good at.

Vill du veta om hur en holistisk coach kan hjälpa dig ? Boka en tid hos Maria Sandell här.

Written by Molly Rosenström, translated by Heta Asikainen


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