”Många som behöver massage”

Möt Jonna Ekman, yogainstruktör och frilansare på meforyou.se. Hon erbjuder kurser och olika massagebehandlingar.

How long have you been doing yoga? 

Yoga has been an active part of my life since 2000 when I took a course with a woman called Nadia. She came from Cyprus and had a course here in Sweden. Then and there I became passionate about and fell in love with yoga and started teaching yoga myself the same year. So, for 22 years yoga has been a big part of my life. It feels like a lifelong relationship between me and yoga! 

What is the best thing about yoga? 

The best thing about yoga is that it welcomes me no matter what state I’m in or how I’m feeling that day. The yoga mat always offers me exactly what I need! When my body needs to be balanced, if I am in pain or feel stress in my muscles, my yoga practice is more physical. Other times my practice is more mental and meditative. Sometimes it is just getting in touch with myself and my everyday life, how I relate to life. Yoga is accommodative of all these different states and requirements!

What is the best thing about teaching yoga? 

När jag undervisar i yoga så tycker jag att det är precis som när jag själv utövar yoga. Jag får kontakt med människor där de befinner sig just den dagen. Så alla i samma rum kan få sin egen unika upplevelse av det som är bäst för dem. Någon kanske kommer till yogan med en fysisk krämpa och någon annan kommer dit för att jobba med mental stress. Båda får ut något av det eftersom yogan inkluderar både sinne och själ. Jag älskar att se människorna lämna yogarummet då något hänt i deras själ, i deras energi, i deras ögon och kroppar. Bara på en kort timme kan så mycket ha hänt och det tycker jag är så vackert att se.

Hur kom du in på massage?

I did a course in ayurveda in 2011 and one of the modules was massage but I did not intend to start working with it, I wanted to learn more about the ayurvedic approach to food and herbs. But then I discovered that massage was rather beneficial for me and began massaging acquaintances and friends from time to time and discovered that they thought I should massage professionally. So, since 2014 I have been practicing ayurvedic massage and along attending further training courses including ones in hot stone massage and other forms of body therapies such as healing, through which I can treat those, whom prefer not to get undressed. Nowadays this is very popular and many request massages.

Can you tell a little bit about how the massage works?

An ayurvedic massage aims to make you feel very held and safe. It includes heat, heated oil, oil blends that are tailored to your needs and a large part of the massage is built around including the person as a whole, so you get a massage from head to toe. The stomach is an important part of the massage because it carries a lot of physical and emotional tension. But of course, I adapt the treatment to the individual, so for example if someone does not want a stomach massage, I’ll take that part out. When the massage is finished, you are wrapped in blankets and an eye pillow and left to lie by yourself for a while. Part of the treatment is to stay in a deep resting and meditative state. Many people come back again because they achieve a deep connection with themselves during the treatment.

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Text by Molly Rosenström Näsman, translation by Heta Asikainen


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